27 January 2010

Jan 2010 DVF

lira/black/$325/sold out
josun/black/$675/sold out
della/deepblueberry/$325/sold out

Jan 2010 Tory Burch

sawyer dress/474 bluesnake/$379/sold out
inez cardigan/001 black/$275/sold out
famke sweater/270 khaki/$228/sold out

26 January 2010

january newsletter

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Dear customer.

Investment dressing is not as official as it sounds. There are no categories or price points or ages in which this idea takes effect. In fact, there don't seem to be any rules at all and the meaning seems to shift with each generation, each social taxonomy and especially with each individual.

Traditionally, investment dressing has meant spending more money on things like suits, designer goods and outerwear – clothes that cost more up front and consequently, are expected to last longer – and less on what was considered frivolous, like trendy pieces or weekend clothes. But lifestyles vary much more than before, as do interests and priorities, so it's difficult and even unnecessary to have hard and fast rules. But I believe in it.

For me, I pay money for good fabric and good construction. Good fabric drapes and wears well, it takes to dye properly and upholds the integrity of a silhouette. Good construction ensures that a garment is put together in a way that makes sense, has seams, hems and buttonholes that are intact, and adds detail and perspective without adding embellishment.

Whether I'm buying for myself or for the store, whether it is a t-shirt or a cocktail dress, a staple piece or a trendy must-have, these are the two things I am willing to spend money on. Outside of this, everything else is arbitrary. It's important to note that in manufacturing, fabric and construction incur the greatest costs. Designers will add other things, like trim or special buttons, to "add value" or create emotional attachment but these things are not a reflection of the quality or value of the garment.

For me, the bottom line is that I want the price I am paying to be commensurate with the quality of what I am buying and ultimately wearing. I feel the same way in what I offer to my customers. If you are going to make an investment in a piece of clothing, it doesn't have to be a "staple" or a "forever piece" or fit into a certain category; it just has to be worth it to you.

That said, clothing and fashion are not the same thing, one is a necessity and the other requires an exercise of imagination. And because the latter is reinforced in an emotional, otherworldly way, we have to leave a space, a breath, an ellipses. After all, fashion, and art in general, is not simply and investment of money, but an investment of heart.

Truly yours,


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23 January 2010

Isda & Co January 2010

1951a85/black/$121/sold out
1951v62/chamomil/$105/sold out
1951w67/string/$181/sold out
1951z65/sycamore/$191/sold out
1951v64/white/$135/sold out
1951a84/sycamore/$126/sold out

20 January 2010

DVF Jan 2010

keoni/dpbby/$198/sold out

13 January 2010

Velvet Jan 2010

fernanda01/heatherg/$126/sold out
talia01/black/$98/sold out
sonya01/white/$79/sold out
mikaela01/mirage/$79/sold out
tatum01/citadel/$74/sold out