30 July 2009

Habitual July 09

grable boot cut/shadow/$195

Tory Burch July 09

paun polo/turquoise/$125/sold out

28 July 2009

Isda & Co July 09

soft spun vest/fawn/$158/sold out
modern monet/multi green/$145/sold outponte legging/black/$154/sold outs-twill boot cut pant/peat/$158/sold outrailroad denim skirt/$135favorite jersey slip/white/$56

27 July 2009

Tucker July 09

saint petersburg floral dress/$350/sold out
winter cache tree dress/black/$315way to bologna top/navy/$276/sold out

24 July 2009

Prefontaine Changes

Prefontaine is changing its look! We took out the branches, moved things around and added new rolling racks. Stop by to see the changes and all the new fall clothes coming in!

23 July 2009

21 July 2009

Tory Burch July 09

pinkney dress/coconut/$325/sold out
deneuve dress/coconut/$295/sold out
also available in navy

17 July 2009

Tory Burch July 09

gaea pant/heather brown/$250/sold out

16 July 2009

Velvet July 09

chena/python/$160/sold out
faith/fig/$137/sold out
chanise/cobalt blue/$207/sold out
skylar/black/$130/sold out
clancy/bracken/$67/sold out
destiny leggings/black/$74/sold out
west top/forest&stardust/$100/sold out
mosi top/bluefish/$57/sold out

15 July 2009

07 July 2009

Tory Burch July 09

lea top/turquoise/$335/sold outsgt. pepper jacket/rinsed/$365/sold outsindri/black/$325/sold outaugust tunic/brown/$325/sold outaudrey turtleneck/black/$250/sold out

01 July 2009

Lost Keys

Lost your keys? We found these in the store last week.