31 March 2009

Graham & Spencer Mar 09

woven top/white/$199/sold out

A Common Thread March 09

silk crepe tank/cactus/$242/sold out
silk crepe one shoulder dress/turquoise/$308/sold out
skirt/graphite/$166.67/sold outjacket/graphite/$242.22
silk crepe dress/magenta/$347

24 March 2009

Diane Von Furstenburg Mar 09

zoe/white/$135/sold out
cloe/falling rain/$210/sold out
deana/patchwork/$325/sold out
faustine/pineapple/$345/sold out
aria/bloom/$365/sold out
giselle/indigo/$265/sold out

21 March 2009

Isda & Co. Mar 09

relaxed canvas/010natural/$175/sold out
thick & thin/856macch/$195/sold out
fine cotton/000white/$160/sold out
s twill/268mud/$147

17 March 2009

Tory Burch Mar 09

classic tory jean w/ flare/001white/$175/sold out

16 March 2009

spring has sprung

i just found this on my camera, it's from last fall (halloween) but feels appropriate now...little muffin that betsy bug...

Habitual Mar 09

skinny/graphite/$189/sold outstandard/eternal/$187

White Label Mar 09

addie/black/$129/sold out
kiki/black/$129/sold out
vivi/shadow or white/$42

Velvet March 09

vivica/brick/$278/sold out
dale/tart/$120/sold out
dimona/kiln/$142/sold out
lourdes/tidalwave/$131/sold out
sarita/jungle/$198/sold out

39sixtyone March 09

ms1143/tuberose/$52/sold out
sj2017/crimini/$69/sold out
kp1135/angelica/$46/sold out
ms2022/licorice/$55/sold out
sj2024/smoke/$88/sold out

09 March 2009

business as usual

the times reported today that layaway is making a comeback. apparently, "layaway is the new waiting list". hilarious. if you didn't know, prefontaine has proudly offered our customers layaway since we opened in 2004. try it sometime, it's not so bad!

nytimes article here

06 March 2009

matt bernson mar 09

the wanderer/white patent/127$/sold outestancia/brown/185$/sold out
equus high wedge/black/187$

03 March 2009

Spring Scarves

Graham & Spencer March 09

micro sheer/pool/$135 (belt/punch/$90)/sold out
slub twill/white/$260/sold out
leather/brown/$370/sold out
isn't she beautiful... :)
sbd1386/kiln/$250/sold out

Tory Burch March 09

sleeveless deneuve top/white/$195/sold out
olive top/irisblu/$195
amalia dress/violet/$395
tori mini dress/navy/$295/sold out
short gemma dress/medium navy/$250/sold out
inez cardigan/navy/$295/sold out
safia dress/green/$425/sold out