28 May 2009

Tory Burch May 09

marjie cardigan/coconut/295$/sold out
pima polo/pomegranate/95$/sold out
katie skirt/coconut/295$/sold out

19 May 2009

Mike & Chris May 09

brent/heather/133$/sold out
malik/brooklyn/195$/sold out
morrison/grey/207$/sold out

a new line for the shop, mike&chris - they started out doing outerwear and have since explored sportswear and even shoes. we are starting to pick up a few of their styles to see how they do...

18 May 2009

DVF May 09

Karlie Anne/Dark Ink/345$/sold outMaris/Dark Ink/275$/sold out
Epana/CYNRS/325$/sold out
Deena/Sea Garden/385$ (one of the most beautiful dresses we've ever had...)/sold out

16 May 2009

Velvet May 09

frieda/ocean/347$/sold outorxy/ocean/207$/sold out
evi/black/114$/sold out
elerie/true navy/74$/sold out
lone/balloon/74$/sold out

12 May 2009

A Common Thread May 09

D55613/raspberry/228$/sold outD55709/Navy/207$/sold out
D55411/ivory/298$/sold out
D01403/cranberry/267$/sold out

01 May 2009

Graham & Spencer May 09

lea1672/bronze/135$/sold outlst1616/white/295$/sold out
mbt1561/aztec/160$/sold out
lsd1613/birch/323$/sold out
lea1661/cream/198$/sold out

mauve over

this is a really great piece on the importance of wearing great clothes, whether you are in plenty or in want. it really spoke to me...watch/listen to the slideshow as well, some of the ensembles that were put together are really knock out...and for what it's worth, i care about stitching.

You're choosy. So are we.